• Building and Grounds
  • Finance Committee
  • Parish Council

2016-2017 Pastoral Council Members… . . 


Chairman – Steven Henry, Jr.  278-8732 or shenryjr8@gmail.com

Vice Chairman – Gail Morrison 808-8553 or knitingnan@gmail.com

Secretary – Wanda Fischer 684-4303 or wfischer443@comcast.net

Mission for Education – James Shank 684-6073 or shankjd@embarqmail.com

Mission for Evangelization – Kathy Nickolaus 684-2454 or katndawg1@gmail.com

Mission for Ecumenism/Interfaith Concerns – John Leaman 252-2811 or jdleaman@verizon.net

Mission for Social Concerns/Outreach – Marilyn Shaeffer 684-3955 or margrofty@emarqmail.com

Mission for Pastoral Ministry – Patricia McBride 413-4863 or mcbridep515@comcast.net



Mission for Liturgy – Lauren (Malloy) Fink  951-8110 or malloylauren1@gmail.com



Our Parish Council is comprised of members of our Church who provide an essential framework through which this responsibility is shared. Parish Pastoral Councils are potentially the most effective means of joining together the People of God to fulfill the mission of the church. In our second reporting, we would like to take some time to review the second component of our Parish Council, the Mission for Education.

This area of mission includes all parish activities that are directed to the formation of its members, both children and adults. Education comes in many different forms for all our members which include programs of RCIA, Bible Study, Sacramental Preparation, workshops, Faith Formation, Catholic Schools, Religious Education and more.

One of the most important tasks entrusted to the Church is to teach, to teach the nations and to form anew the disciples of our Lord. “The one mediator, Christ, established and ever sustains here on earth his holy Church, the community of faith, hope and charity, as a visible organization through which he communicates truth and grace to all men”.(Lumen Gentium, #8) The overall Mission for Education ensures that all members are given opportunities to foster their faith and to express that faith through service.

“If something is true, it is good and beautiful; if it is beautiful; it is good and true; if it is good, it is true and it is beautiful. And together, these elements enable us to grow and help us to love life, even when we are not well, even in the midst of many problems. True education enables us to love life and opens us to the fullness of life.” (Pope Francis, October 2015)